Monday, February 1, 2010

Breakfast Burritos & extra exercise

I was off on Monday and did not have to go into the office for Overtime -wahoo! We split a large breakfast burrito for breakfast. It consisted of 3 eggs, an ounce of sharp cheddar, mushrooms, bell pepper, and onions. Divide that in half and you get what I ate for breakfast. 168Divide a shamwow in half and you get two of 'em!shamwowclean


There was lots of studying from inside warm blankets. The cat likes to help with this. She also likes yoga. I know a lot of cats do. She bonks your head at very inappropriate times though.

At lunch we had split pea soup and a half turkey sprout pita sandwich. Yes, that is soup below. I added some water to thin it out. Mmm mmm, tasty! That’s not trademarked, right?172 180 176 I always count the whole pita loaf as one sandwich, although I know some people don't.So in my book this would be half a sandwich.

Around 2:00 we went for a jog, even though it was an off day from Couch to 5k. We both felt like exercising. Also, I usually work out at my gym every day that I’m not running at home, but today I was off from work as well. Does that make sense?

I was proud of us for running in the cold drizzle. We ran in a park we don't usually run in, because it's too hard to see at night. There are lakes and nice trees, and if you're lucky some Louisiana wildlife. Great White Egret 268005 [source]

Also, if you're not so lucky, some Louisiana wildlife.nutria-004 [source]

For dinner I had Duang Tawan leftovers, and the boyfriend had Vindaloo. I also had a bite out of curiosity. And another bite for quality assurance.021I also had most of a store brand Granola bar. If you’re curious the store was Winn Dixie. As my old high school friend would say, “Get over it, the south lost the Civil War.” 183 187  There was also a cranberry mocktail.

I went to my night class which was luckily short, and brought my coffee with me. We’ve been cutting back on the more expensive coffee, but have realized that we can scrape pennies elsewhere. Coffee is too important.

After class I came home and had a couple of glasses of shiraz and watched reruns of The Office to unwind.

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