Thursday, May 6, 2010

Three Beans A Day

While scanning the internet for helpful information today I stumbled upon an article on called 7 Frosty Treats Under 75 Calories. This list gave me pause, because some of the items listed were half of a diet ice cream sandwich, and 3 spoonfuls of ice cream. Really? Also, sugared frozen grapes! How about no sugar on the grapes, but more grapes please! Does anyone else find this odd?

Breakfast was eaten in the car, I am ashamed to say. A breakfast burrito prepared by Mr. Greens. We shared. sharing is caringThis monster had eggs, sharp white cheddar, and pinto beans.

Beans part I

Last night I didn’t prepare very well for today, so I didn’t make a lunch. (I never have enough time in the mornings, thus eating in the car.) Luckily I have an emergency burrito for these kinds of situations. Also I found out that my work cafeteria was serving shrimp stuffed baked potatoes for lunch today, and they looked glorious, but I’m glad I went to the gym and had my second burrito of the day. Highlights of the menu include boudin and muffulettaBeans Part II

After this treat I had 2 kiwis."won't sell an apple to a kiwi"

At some point in the day I had almonds and a Clif bar.Love these almonds

Dinner was a simple affair. I was craving red sauce, broccoli, and garbanzo beans or lentils, so I whipped up a casserole of sorts. My creation turned out pretty well.036


  • one can of tomato sauce
  • one head of broccoli
  • one can of chickpeas
  • a stalk of green onion, chopped
  • 1/4 cup of mozzarella

It was pretty tasty for something that didn’t have a lot of planning.Beans Round III

I’m going to go think about renaming my blog, “BEANS, that’s all I ever eat.”

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Hump day!

Yesterday I was absent from bloggy land, mostly due to feeling sickly. Darn sinuses! I will tell you that most of the day consisted of me sitting around eating hummus and carrots, drinking fizzy drinks, and I might’ve had chinese takeout for dinner. By that I mean I laptop was harmed in the shooting of this picture

Flash forward to this morning, I had a tupperware full of greek yogurt topped with honey. Not super attractive, but portable and off the chain!

fage 0%

The honey is a local brand that we buy because it tastes good and it’s cheap.gotta represent Colfax!?!

Lunch was (predictable) leftovers from the night before. Sesame chicken and fried rice. glisteny

Not so healthy, but tasty.

When I came home I celebrated Wednesday  Cinco de Mayo with mi novio. We split a Killian’s.two is better than one

For dinner I had a salad wrap, although I also made a chicken and corn chowder. I just wasn’t feeling a cream-based soup. better food decisions, finally

My wrap had hummus, a little jack cheese, tomatoes, cucumuber, baby lettuce mix, and the worst croutons ever. (They were really old and mushy.)

Note: I am the greediest salad wrap eater. Usually I stuff half a container of lettuce, half a tomato, and a ton of other ingredients, and then ask my boyfriend to roll it when I can’t cram all the ingredients together. He is a much better wrapper than I am. I need to learn my lesson, because I rarely eat the whole thing. I ate about half of this beast, but moved on to chocolate.  More Brix was consumed. Mmmm….Magnet reads-It's 5:00 Somewhere. Can I get an AMEN!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Brix in the Road

Today started off pretty well and then quickly crumbled into a mess of overeating and self-pity. Isn’t that always the case? I woke up with a headache for the 2nd day in a row,  thanks Michelob (and pollen)!

Breakfast was enjoyed at my desk – the standard oats with walnuts, almonds, and shredded coconut. no I don't have any other containers

This was enjoyed with coffee and water.

Followed by carrot and cucumber munchies-

cucumbers were mushy, sigh

you might notice the Annie’s Green Goddess in the background. I was suckered into trying this stuff because it is ubiquitous in blogland. Blech! I read tahini and vinegar and was expecting a different flavor. Maybe I should post this stuff for free on Craigslist. It wasn’t cheap, y’know, and some poor grad student might need a bottle of Annie’s. I digress.

After working out during my lunch hour I had a hard boiled egg. Yes, I’m the person that stinks up the office with eggs, broccoli, tuna, sardines, and other lovelies. top with Tony Chachere's

People in my office have been known to fry fish…in the office…with a deep fryer. (You might be a redneck…) Ugh. So I feel like I have free reign.

For lunch I had a quesadilla, made by my handy dandy sandwich press. Insides included sharp white cheddar and pinto beans. Keeping it simple.Just. Yum.

Afternoon snack you ask? I had chai tea, a plum, and unpictured Luna Bars plural. They were purchased in box form (first mistake) at Target on sale (oooh, sale), for afternoon snack treats. Well, I’ve realized sometimes it’s hard to eat just one. They’re light and tasty. Clif bars are much much heavier.

Dinner was toast with pb, and toast with Laughing Cow swiss and blackberry jam. The cheese+jam was the best. floating plate of toast

We also dug into my birthday chocolate that my mother gave me. It is called Brix, and was heavy as its name. 60% dark chocolate, melts in your mouth. It was supposed to be paired with wine, but we paired it with milk. I had almond and the boy had cow.Brix!

Brix label It says, “Suggested Wine Pairing: Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot, Shiraz. Tasting Notes: The smooth cocao pairs perfectly with lighter, fruit-forward wines, enhancing their aroma.” I’m so there!


We will definitely try it will wine next time, and I have just the bottle! (Thanks, mom!)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back from the Dead

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve written a blog post. Mostly because of school and computer issues. I think I’m ready to start it up again.

This morning I had a veggie omelet/scramble. Two eggs, broccoli, tomato, green onions, and sharp white cheddar.107

It was very tasty, although messy.

For lunch I had a hummus sandwich with tomato, cucumber and lettuce.127

On the side: carrots and edamame.134


This didn’t hold me over too long. In the afternoon I had yogurt with honey and a small orange. 149153

For dinner we went to Duang Tawan, our favorite Thai restaurant. I got the Tom Yum soup for an appetizer, and red curry with fish for the main course. 158

It may not look appetizing, but it was delicious, Sweet and spicy with a ton of veggies and fish.

I’m excited about spring, although no plans for a garden this year. I do have a beautiful orchid that has around13 flowers right now.113

Maybe I’ll feel more inspired for a creative post tomorrow. Until then, here’s a picture of my blogging partner, Hedwig. So chubby!116