Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Hump day!

Yesterday I was absent from bloggy land, mostly due to feeling sickly. Darn sinuses! I will tell you that most of the day consisted of me sitting around eating hummus and carrots, drinking fizzy drinks, and I might’ve had chinese takeout for dinner. By that I mean I laptop was harmed in the shooting of this picture

Flash forward to this morning, I had a tupperware full of greek yogurt topped with honey. Not super attractive, but portable and off the chain!

fage 0%

The honey is a local brand that we buy because it tastes good and it’s cheap.gotta represent Colfax!?!

Lunch was (predictable) leftovers from the night before. Sesame chicken and fried rice. glisteny

Not so healthy, but tasty.

When I came home I celebrated Wednesday  Cinco de Mayo with mi novio. We split a Killian’s.two is better than one

For dinner I had a salad wrap, although I also made a chicken and corn chowder. I just wasn’t feeling a cream-based soup. better food decisions, finally

My wrap had hummus, a little jack cheese, tomatoes, cucumuber, baby lettuce mix, and the worst croutons ever. (They were really old and mushy.)

Note: I am the greediest salad wrap eater. Usually I stuff half a container of lettuce, half a tomato, and a ton of other ingredients, and then ask my boyfriend to roll it when I can’t cram all the ingredients together. He is a much better wrapper than I am. I need to learn my lesson, because I rarely eat the whole thing. I ate about half of this beast, but moved on to chocolate.  More Brix was consumed. Mmmm….Magnet reads-It's 5:00 Somewhere. Can I get an AMEN!

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