Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back from the Dead

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve written a blog post. Mostly because of school and computer issues. I think I’m ready to start it up again.

This morning I had a veggie omelet/scramble. Two eggs, broccoli, tomato, green onions, and sharp white cheddar.107

It was very tasty, although messy.

For lunch I had a hummus sandwich with tomato, cucumber and lettuce.127

On the side: carrots and edamame.134


This didn’t hold me over too long. In the afternoon I had yogurt with honey and a small orange. 149153

For dinner we went to Duang Tawan, our favorite Thai restaurant. I got the Tom Yum soup for an appetizer, and red curry with fish for the main course. 158

It may not look appetizing, but it was delicious, Sweet and spicy with a ton of veggies and fish.

I’m excited about spring, although no plans for a garden this year. I do have a beautiful orchid that has around13 flowers right now.113

Maybe I’ll feel more inspired for a creative post tomorrow. Until then, here’s a picture of my blogging partner, Hedwig. So chubby!116


Anonymous said...

Yipee! She's back!!!!

Elena said...

Welcome back, Beans! We missed you. Great pictures! The omelette is beautiful.