Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pantry Staples


Above is an interactive magnet on my fridge at work. Today I wanted to try a slightly different breakfast since I’ve been having problems eating breakfast lately. I had an apple and cottage cheese, although I didn’t eat much cottage cheese.006


For lunch I had more tacos. I can’t help it. I should let you know that I work in an office and do harbor a lot of staples like peanut butter, salsa, mustard, and tea in my cupboards. Salsa is one of those things that make any meal better. Well, maybe not crepes.

Take black beans and rice, add salsa016


Plus cheese018

and spinach AND taco shells019


It equals a very good taco. Or three.025 029

*I know noone needs a tutorial on tacos, but I was running out of material. Afternoon snacks consisted of almonds, and peanut butter in a banana. What a delicious treat. 030

I tried a new (to me) peanut butter: 365 Organic peanut butter, crunchy with salt. Very good and inexpensive. It does require stirring, but after being refrigerated it should stiffen up.

For dinner I had a pita pizza. The toppings were simply cheese, black olives, and broccoli. 039


Broccoli pizza is the best. I wish I had goat cheese to add though.

‘Til next time!

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elena said...

I need all the tutorials you can give! Yesterday I made your mudjadarah and realized I had fried the onions not caramelized them.(It is still good.) Keep the tutorials coming!