Thursday, March 18, 2010

Typical Thursday

In my continuing series of eating something different for breakfast, I ate an apple and a homemade energy bar.003

Pre-workout I had a few almonds.

For lunch I had a turkey burger and a potato with cheese and salsa. Not the most glamorous picture, but it was tasty!016

In case you are wondering, I cut the turkey burger in half to check its doneness, then I cut a little piece to taste while microwaving it at work.

For an afternoon snack I had banana with peanut butter.026

Also: sweet coconut thai chai tea.

When I got home we jogged for 30 minutes. Afterward I had a shamrock shake -031

I mean a green monster. I always have to share them with my boyfriend. We both love them now. They’ve become a special treat after running.

For dinner we had pesto pasta with chicken. I’ve been really wanting tomatoes, but have been holding out for summer. This would’ve been good with tomatoes thrown in.036

We were going to drink wine and watch The Office and 30 Rock, but I fell asleep. Booooo!

I was really tired.

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