Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Free Day

Today I had a day off from work! It was great. I had to do homework, and run errands, but it was nice.

I had peanut butter and banana toast this morning, with raisins on top.043

We did our grocery shopping early this morning, which was nice to get out of the way. (We usually do it on Saturday at some point, and the crowds are awful.)

For lunch I had a chicken salad sandwich and pickle, with a cranberry fizzy drink.047


I love club soda and cranberry juice. There was a pear shared for dessert.051

Dinner was from a jar. Target’s Tikka Masala sauce, to be exact. We’ve had most of their Indian-inspired sauces, and they’re pretty good.063

I made rice, and to the jarred sauce I added a shredded chicken breast, a baked potato (sliced), and stirred. When it was done I topped it with raisins and crushed peanuts. I also highly recommend chickpeas and broccoli (with rice) in almost any of the curry sauces. I was in love with the Green Coconut Curry Sauce a few months ago.

My bowl with a side of pita and roasted asparagus:082  085The boyfriend’s plate (below), looks very orderly compared to my hodge podge.076

My boyfriend made two loaves of bread today: one white, the other whole wheat. The house smelled really good. I had one piece of the white.092

He’s thinking about making pita bread this week. Yay! At least one of us is a baker…

Tomorrow’s a school day and also a run day.

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Jenn ( said...

I've never had homemade pita bread, but it's on my "to bake" list.

Chicken salad in a pita sounds SO good!