Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spite and Malice

This morning I had a very flat egg, cheese, and ham sandwich. 002

Have I mentioned already that we’ve bought TWO containers of Quick Oats accidentally? One we bought at Target, and didn’t open. Yes, I am cheap enough to return them. I know from past experience that I will never use them. The other we bought at Albertson’s this week. Ugh! The only selection at the store was Quaker Quick Oats or store brand Old Fashioned. We went with store brand. This morning we discovered that they’re basically Quick Oats. Why am I so down about it? QOs are mushy and bland in comparison. Enough about that….

You’ll never guess what I had for a snack. Oh wait, it was the same thing I have every day – NUTS!014

The blend contained roasted almonds and cashew pieces.

Lunch was a small baked potato and a turkey burger.


And enrobed in cheese and salsa (how I like everything, apparently):020

The turkey burger was a little off. Maybe it was just dry from overcooking??? Like any good Louisianian, I doused it in Tony Chachere’s and kept eating. 018

Also I had carrots on the side.026

Afternoon snack was mostly mint green tea and dips into the peanut butter jar.

I didn’t really have a dinner, per se. When I came home I did some homework and we played cards. We mostly play a game called “Spite and Malice”, just in case you’re wondering. It’s a good time-filler. I’ll always remember the time we waited for my car to be fixed for ten hours, and played Spite and Malice most of the time.

So….I drank wine and had roasted chickpeas as a substitute for dinner. I guess I’m looking forward to the weekend a day early, eh?028



We started watching “Modern Family”, and I have to admit, it’s not half bad. Gotta love Ed O’Neill!

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Elena said...

Oh, you are so right. Quick oats are inedible and I have never been happy with store brand oatmeal either.
My friend,Silvia, has been eating muesli. She makes it with uncooked oats, grated apple, raisins, nuts, what have you. She says it is also good for supper.