Saturday, March 27, 2010

Retail Therapy

Friday was just one of them days. I was down in the dumps, and had some problems which I won’t address here. I decided to take an early day and my mom suggested retail therapy. It definitely hit the spot.

For breakfast I had a burrito, with a scrambled egg, sharp cheddar cheese, spinach, and a baked potato chopped inside. Breakfast Burrito

It was pretty darn good. I had made too many baked potatoes the other night, so using one in this way was a good idea. I didn’t even miss that they weren’t hashbrowns.

Mom and I went shopping at TJ Maxx, one of our favorite stores, and a gardening store called Naylor’s. At TJM I got measuring spoons at a bargain priceRED! measuring spoons

and a cast iron skillet I could hurt someone with this I got a few other things, but the most fun was a book: Instructional Literature For Cat Bath

I like to think it’s about Hedwig, my cat. She’s also black and hates baths. 

After our shopping we were famished and split some leftover sushi in their fridge. It was spicy tuna.spicy tuna bite

I also had Grillers Prime burger on an Orowheat Thin, with lots of mustard, ketchup, and lettuce. Lunch of Champions

Also consumed a beer. It might’ve been from my brother’s stash. The Amber Bock was tasty. It was a dark beer, with a full taste.

My mom and I had fun, and I even got to see my dad and brother. I should leave work more often!

For dinner my boyfriend had been slaving away all day to make Greek Feast happen. He even made pita bread.Pile o' Pita

Here’s what I ate, a boneless pork chop, mujadarrah (rice, lentils, and fried onions), hummus and pita, and a square of feta cheese.Greek Feast

Hummus Glob

Today, Saturday, we had pretty much the same breakfast before school.Looking down the barrel of a burrito

After school the boyfriend and I did our usual shop, and hit up several stores. I am still holding off on buying tomatoes, cantaloupe, and a few other “summer” crops because they just don’t look/smell right yet. I am looking forward to melon though.

Pre-lunch we each had our own Green Monster. For my green monsters, I use 2+ cups of spinach, a tablespoon of flaxseed, a cup of Almond milk, and a banana. Yum.Mr. Greens reaching for my Green?

A late lunch was something different. We had tuna mixed with hummus and barbeque sauce. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that I (of course) got the idea for this from a blogger. Eating Bird Food’s blog featured the “humbecue” sandwich, and she got the idea from another blogger, Eating Bender, who I will definitely have to check out. That was a good idea! It was surprisingly tasty, tangy, and sweet. I used homemade hummus and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce.mess of humbecue

Also a cut carrot and pickles.oh yeah all together now

For dinner a simple sandwich on homemade wheat bread with ham, mustard, Laughing Cow French Onion, and spinach.

After this we had Sauvignon Blanc and watched TV. Which is why I can barely stay awake to type this.

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Jenn ( said...

I have those same red Kitchen Aide measuring spoons, except the text rubbed off of mine. :(