Monday, June 13, 2011

Lunch: Tabouli and Spinach Salad

Breakfast was a hastily eaten fage and coffee. The cherry fage is like eating cheesecake. Yum!


Lunch was a slowly eaten treat! I begged my mother to make tabouli on Sunday so that I could bring some home (I brought her some homemade hummus as a trade). Her tabouli is very tasty and fresh, as she grows her own parsley (among other herbs), and the tomatoes were homegrown too.006

On the side I had a spinach salad with grape tomatoes, walnuts, romano cheese, and chicken salad (shredded chicken, celery, and mayo). I had made an Italian style dressing, but ended up not using it because of the creaminess of the chicken salad.



Later in the day I had part of an apple and a little PB for a snack. The apple was disappointing though. I like the really crispy ones, like honeycrisp and pink lady. This was rather mushy.


The boyfriend was preparing dinner when I got home. It was a delicious meal of jambalaya, stewed okra, and navy beans. The navy beans were Blue Runner Creole Cream Style, every thing else was made by him. He makes very good from scratch jambalaya.023


Tomorrow I will probably be having more of the spinach salad. It was delicious!

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