Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Love Fish Tacos

Last night I actually got some sleep! It was hard to wake up this morning in fact, because I was so deeply asleep. Nice.

For breakfast I had the usual yogurt, coffee, and apple.004


Lunch was eaten a little early. I had the chili I made the other day from allrecipes., and a serving of Kashi crackers.006


Behind the crackers is a picture of my father! I like having a picture of him at his desk (circa 1970?) on my desk at work. Sometimes I am sentimental.

On my lunch break I went to the library and checked out a bunch of cookbooks and a few nutrition books. One so far looks awesome! The Healthiest Diet in the World is the title, and I might have to buy it. Cookbooks and healthy living books are fun, but I try to check them out of the library first and give them a test run. Interestingly enough, when I googled this book in order to get a picture or a link, The World's Healthiest Foods came up first, both on google image search, and in Amazon. Of course this could be because I own the book already, but I would like to say I heartily recommend it as well!

Snacks this afternoon were sweet. I ate a pudding cup, and then an hour later a granola thin.


Dinner was fish tacos! Fish tacos are simple, light and tasty, thus perfect for summer in the south.028

Today we had a perfectly ripe avocado to eat. This along with shredded cabbage and salsa, is really all you need. We used swai as the fish (any firm white fish, or even salmon will do). On the side was some largely ignored yellow rice and black beans. The rice was from a packet and was kind of gross, but the black beans will be reincarnated (hopefully) for breakfast.


All this was eaten outside on the slightly rained on front porch with a tall beer.

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