Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Breakfast=Bad News

I didn’t eat breakfast today! This morning was all a rush, starting with me waking up late, and pounding coffee when I got to work, then just jumping into the workload. For a right before lunch I started eating an apple that wasn’t really good any more, so I abandoned it.


Lunch was leftover delicious chili! Very hearty and fulfilling. I love beer chilis, but my must-have ingredient in chili is BEANS! Don’t tell the die-hard chili cooks that insist “real” chili doesn’t have beans.


Around 5:00 I had a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Clif Bar. Not my favorite flavor, but I bought in bulk to save money! (My favorite flavors are Chocolate Mint and Carrot Cake.)169

On Saturday I bought a HUGE box at Sam’s Club. I went with my dad, and we bought wine, strawberries and sweet peppers too.193

When I got home from work I went on a short run. Have you ever seen someone “fake run”, like slowly jog next to someone walking? That was my running today. I felt so sloooooow. This is not a race, I am not doing speed work, but I still feel down when my legs don’t move. (Is it because I didn’t eat breakfast?) All I can think of is how proud I will be in the future of my past self (current self) for plodding through and setting the ground work for all those muscles.

Once home I had a hodge podge kind of dinner: canned salmon and half an avocado mashed together,177

a cabbage slaw of sorts, with shredded cabbage, carrots, sweet peppers, olive oil, vinegar, sesame seeds, and sesame oil. I didn’t measure anything. 176

Also: black beans on the side.


It was tasty, although the cabbage could’ve used some salt!

Now I’m off to drink a beer and catch up on some internet reading.