Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shopping Saturday

Today I woke up and had a green smoothie. Oh man, those are good. I’ve been making them “classic” style, with soy milk, spinach, flax seed, and frozen banana. Oh, also adding a little frozen plain yogurt. Hits the spot every time.003

This afternoon I went to Whole Foods, but on the way there (not at all on the way from my house) I went to World Market for the fun of it. Turned out to be a retail therapy trip I guess, because I got a lot of loot.023

The olive oil and peppercorns were needed, the rest not so much. 032

They had a good price on PB&Co Peanut Butter, so I snagged some Smooth Operator, and I got a jar of Marmite for fun. I also got some Columbian Supremo coffee and a lentil soup packet that I saw last Christmas but passed up.


After that bounty, I went to Whole Foods which was insanely crowded. Ugh. I got some random stuff, namely chia seeds (wow, they are expensive), falafel mix, a large container of spinach, Shiner 102 beer, almond milk, and salmon sashimi for tomorrow’s lunch.


Then I tried some marmite on toast. The bread was made by my boyfriend (a wheat) and I slathered it with butter, and tried to thinly scrape the marmite on top, like I’ve read to do. It didn’t want to cooperate. However, the Marmite was excellent. I knew I would like it though, because I love salty and umami foods. Mmmm….


I also dipped into the Peanut Butter. Oh man. World Market also had the chocolate PB, which I’m glad I didn’t buy, because that would’ve been GONE.

Time to meet Anne for coffee!


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