Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Banana Gun


Breakfast was a Clif bar on the go, and a banana.041

I know you can’t really see my cat in the picture (she’s a ninja), but just be aware that she is deathly afraid of bananas, especially if they are pointed at her. Also if you say, “Bang!” while doing so. We think she was a victim of banana gun violence as a kitten.

Lunch was a bowl of vegetarian chili, cheese, and half a flat bread . This was Hormel Chili, which I feel *meh* about. It’s good in a pinch and cheaper than fancy schmantsy stuff (like Amy’s and Wolfgang Puck). I was surprised this had textured vegetable protein in it. It would’ve been better with just beans and tomatoes, but nobody’s perfect.


Dinner was prepared by Mr. Greens. We’ve been watching Dexter (love that show!) lately. The intro has been making us want eggs and ham steak, so he made a nice version of Dexter’s breakfast. Deboned pork chop, fried egg, with chipotle hollandaise, and a side of tomato, spinach and avocado. Yum.051

I need more light in my house. Jebus!

*I’ve switched to using Windows Live Writer, and have had a few snags, so we’ll see when this post ever sees the light of day.

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