Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sushi I

So where have I been lately?  I’ve been mostly eating roasted chickpeas, drinking juice (new favorite – beets!) and doing overtime. I think last week’s overtime hours made me a little tired. Here’s a little recap of the days I missed:  I had a persimmon.


Carrot, apple, orange, tomato, beet, celery juice.


And more carrot apple orange beet juice.


Minus beets


Dinner of broccoli, potato slices, and chickpeas. I had this twice.


Roasted cajun spiced chickpeas- had this every night this week.


And I went to Vinh Phat to buy goodies for our Sunday Sushi.  It’s a good Vietnamese run grocery store. I found so much stuff! I almost bought a whole frozen octopus, but I didn’t think we would eat it.


From Vinh Phat we bought some of this awful stuff, an herbal low sugar drink. 051

The fine print boasted that it was “kind of popular”. When you opened the envelope it looked like All Bran and smelled like celery salt. Mmm!  Bottom’s up!



It was a tad bitter. And now we have 30 to drink.

On Sunday we made sushi for the first time. It was fun. My mother and I made the rice and appetizers, and my boyfriend rolled and sliced all of our sushi rolls.

The sushi rice wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated. I bought a jar of rice a while ago labeled sushi rice and we followed the instructions on it. We made one cup of rice on the stovetop and one in a rice cooker. 055 056

Once they were cooked we had to put the rice in nonmetallic bowls and mix with a seasoned vinegar and fan the rice. 061

This is the best shot I got of Mr. Greens fanning the rice (with a pizza peel no less). I am no longer allowed to fan the rice because I am not a good judge of distance and smacked him hard in the elbow with the peel. Ooops.

After the rice was ready, the rolling began. I was busy prepping other things like vegetable dumplings I “made”  so I didn’t get a shot of the rolling. I promise we made it though and didn’t get take out.


Here’s the first group of sushi: A smoked salmon and avocado roll, a philadelphia roll, vegetarian vegetable roll, and california roll.069


071 072

Also a black cod with scallion roll, and the same thing with ginger rolled in. 079

The one with masago on top is the california roll (it switched plates).


A trio of appetizers: miso soup, dumplings, and cabbage salad. 


Sake (Ozeki)


Dig in!


We’re planning on doing it again next week!

I found a little pint of red bean ice cream that we split 4 ways. I “don’t eat” ice cream because it makes me sick, but I’ll eat a little red bean once or twice a year because I like it and can eat it in moderation at a restaurant. Don’t ask me what the logic is there. 



Elena said...

glad to see you back, Beans! That is gorgeous sushi!

Runeatrepeat said...

I am very happy you noticed my sexy eyes. I actually made a porn joke about it originally, but deleted it because Ben said Chris Hanson would come after me...