Thursday, November 5, 2009

Confessions of A Diet Cokehead

This morning’s breakfast was hastily thrown together, but good. I had a small Valencia orange, a  Bartlett pear, and dry Peanut Butter Puffins.003  006001

Yogurt would’ve made this a complete breakfast! But I liked having two different fruit for breakfast, I should do that again sometime instead of the usual banana.

I snacked on half a Carrot Cake Clif before working out.


Not long ago I read that Clif wrappers can be sent back to the company to be recycled,  so I have a stack on my desk and a few pinned to the wall. One of my coworkers asked me about it. I look like a crazy pack rat sometimes.

Lunch was leftover spaghetti and meatballs, all chopped up. 


After that I was stuffed.

Toward the end of the day I ate a Pumpkin Pie Kashi bar. These are rather dry and hard.030 

I like the dark chocolate coconut ones better, but they aren’t even that good! I was just curious when I bought these.

I’m still curious about Cascadian Farms granola bars and Vitatops. I predict that I’ll probably buy both of those in the future, although not too soon. My boyfriend loves Clif bars, so we’ll probably stick with Clifs and Zbars.

On the way home I ate a carrot.


I’ve decided that I like eating carrots and apples in the car. They’re so crunchy and loud that I feel weird grazing on them at work (that’s a problem I should get over). I still eat carrots and loud things at work, but I definitely chomp more when I’m alone.

The boyfriend was working late, so I stopped by Subway to pick up a sandwich for myself. I got a 6” turkey on wheat with all the veggies, pepper jack cheese, and olive oil and vinegar. Next time I would nix the olive oil and vinegar because it was soggy and I would rather have the cheese if we’re talking fat grams.




With that I got a diet coke*, and a bag of Sun Chips Spicy Chipotle. The woman in front of me in line coerced me into getting them.023

She said they were tasty, and she was not lying!

*Long story ahead: My views on diet drinks and aspartame in particular have flip-flopped a bit in the past. I used to drink lots of Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper. Then I decided it was not good for me and avoided aspartame and other sweeteners like the plague. Now I mostly drink water  (and coffee and alcohol – if I’m being honest).

I had a real problem with Coke for a while. It was almost like a cigarette addiction. For years I would drink 5 diet cokes a day, then I switched to one or two Cokes a day, and then I decided the calories weren’t worth it (and Coke in particular makes me burp for hours – unladylike!) so I would have one Coke Zero a day, and then I finally cut it all out. I remember being on the elliptical thinking about my one Coke Zero I was going to have at lunch. Tough times, I tell ya. Now I have a Coke once in a blue moon, although I find water and club soda (don’t forget beer) are pretty good replacements. Tonight I just decided that Coke wasn’t worth the calories so I went with Diet Coke. Thus concludes the “in my head” portion of this blog. If you’re still reading you’re either a sucker for punishment or my mother (or both!). Haha!

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elena said...

Yes, your mother did read it!
I find myself thinking longingly of Coke Zero in the afternoon. Really, it's disgusting stuff, but it hits the spot in the afternoon slump.