Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

[Note: I wrote this on Thursday]

Wednesday I had the day off, but I had to run errands. Breakfast #1 was an apple on the way to a doctor’s appointment.005

Breakfast #2:  Coffee I snagged at the doctor’s office 008 and a Clif bar in the car.006

Shortly after I got home I snacked on some cashews and almonds.047

Then I saw Mr. Greens eating a burrito, and got food-envy. So I heated up one for myself. It was a vegetarian one, with two types of beans.009


I only ate half.

While I was eating, my cat was noisily making a nest on packing paper that happened to be on the floor.017


As soon as I finished my lunch, we went out again to run more errands. This time it was school related, and took several hours. After that, we went to Duang Tawan, our favorite Thai restaurant. For an appetizer I got a summer roll.


If you’ve never had one, it’s a rice paper roll filled with carrots, radishes, sprouts, cabbage, scallion, and topped with black sesame seeds. I’ve had a couple of variations, but these are the freshest tasting summer rolls ever. I prefer the ones without meat or tofu, and minimal mint or cilantro.

Mr. Greens got a red snapper roll for his appetizer. Neither of us usually like warm or fried rolls, but this one was tasty.033

In another twist, I strayed from curry and got pad thai. It was tasty, but not remarkable. 034

I felt like the kid who goes to an ethnic restaurant and orders a cheeseburger. Pad Thai? pffft.

Curry is where it’s at.


Ms. Brown said...

so you thought the pad thai at duang tawan was tasty but not remarkable? hmm

emily said...

It's just that their curry is outta this world, and their sushi is pretty darn good. Why get a pad thai? Pad thai is practically the same every where. I will say that it is the best pad thai in Baton Rouge. (Can you tell it is my favorite restaurant?)