Monday, December 14, 2009

Pot Roast Sandwich

Breakfast this morning was premade steel cut oats, Ginger Snap granola, a couple of walnuts, couple of cashews, and raisins.001


It was very hot, so I used my tray at work.

Snack was a carrot, 2 celery stalks, and most of a red bell pepper.006

Mr. Greens made me some hummus to go along with my raw vegetables.009

For lunch I really wanted a salad. A southwestern chicken salad from McDonalds. This craving was triggered by reading about them on someone’s blog.  But I had packed my lunch and had plans to go to the gym on my lunch hour, so I abstained. My lunch was not as healthy as a salad would’ve been, but I digress. It was leftover pot roast on homemade sourdough bread. My mother made the bread, not me. It accidentally burned a little in the toaster.011


I bought some pretzels to go along with my sandwich.015


These were pretty good, and festive.

For an afternoon snack I had tea and a mini Larabar.018


I wish there were more flavors in the mini packs. I don’t really like the cherry pie flavor, so I don’t see myself buying the pack with apple pie, cherry pie, and cashew cookie again.

For dinner I had the old standby of broccoli, shrimp, shells, and cheese.  This time I used whole wheat elbows because that’s what we have. 025


Right now having a few almonds and cashews.033

Gotta go!

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