Friday, December 4, 2009


It’s snowing right now in Baton Rouge. Ok, so it’s mostly slush, and not sticking to anything, but it’s snow! It rarely snows here, although it did snow last year around mid December. All of the residents turned into excited 5 year olds, making snowmen and having snowball fights. Here are some pictures from 2008:snow! 025 snow! 017

When it threatens to snow here, it’s like SHUT…  DOWN…EVERYTHING ! Seriously, schools close, state offices, ferries, and interstate bridges. My boyfriend, who is from New York, just shakes his head in wonder.

Moving on…

For breakfast I had fage 0% and honey.002

A bit later I had regular garbanzo beans seasoned with Tony Chachere’s.005

Yes, I keep vital seasonings at work. You never know when you’ll need ‘em.008

For lunch I had beef stew from the freezer, and TLC crackers.013


I’ve never had these Fire Roasted Vegetable crackers before. Originally I bought them to go with black beans or something like that, but today I wanted crackers!015

Not too sound too obsessive, but we usually don’t keep crackers or chips in the house. This is because I will eat them all in a day. If I buy them for work, I tend to dole them out per serving and not for every meal. Nuts on the other hand…

After lunch I had most of a milk chocolate bar. 017 021

Also a couple of handfuls of lightly salted cashews.030

And a cup of sugar cookie sleigh ride.034

When I got home I found that my uncle had sent me a package! And it contained food!036


I had a hefty slice with coffee. It is delicious – thank you Uncle John!

This day needed more cheese, so I made black bean and cheese quesadillas. Also included: green onions and jalapenos.045


I will update with more pictures if snow stays on the ground!

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