Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wrap Wednesday

I now have 11 days off of work! Yay!

Today I started the morning with plenty of time so I made a breakfast burrito. I also stood in the kitchen thinking “I just had an egg last night, should I make oatmeal? I just bought greek yogurt, should I eat the yogurt?” but I decided to hell with it. I rarely want, nay, crave eggs, so I made ‘em.

This beast contained:

  • two eggs, yes two
  • grilled onion
  • teaspoon of real butter
  • a serving of shredded cheese,
  • baby lettuce mix
  • few dollops of nonfat greek yogurt.

003 Lettuce+eggs=good. It doesn’t always have to be spinach.

I also went to Starbucks and got my last gingerbread soy latte of the season. Perhaps ever. They’re pretty fattening. The woman taking my order made me upset over something silly. I became even more upset at the fact that I get so upset and can’t laugh off little things. I was in tears by the time I got to the office.  Ugh!009

At lunch I went to the store (again). I have gone everyday this week. I suppose I just want to be prepared for Christmas. Ultra-mega prepared. I’m not this prepared for a category 3 hurricane, people.

When I was coning out of the store a nice young man approached me and asked me if I would buy him a sandwich. That is why I went to Roly Poly today and had my second wrap of the day. I suppose I could have resisted, but I didn’t. The guy’s name was Jason and he was having bad luck with his employment and transportation. He was in school and had a positive outlook though.

My sandwich was the #6 California Hummer
[Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Provolone Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, Carrot, Cucumber, Green Pepper, Sprouts, Creamy Caesar Dressing]012 016 013

I ate half of my sunchips, and all of my wrap. Love sprouts and hummus and avocado!

We had a little party today at work, and I brought a zesty cheese ball. I didn’t get its picture. I did get a picture of my plate of eats though. From top left: vegetables (including sugar snap peas, yay!), 2 cookies, cream cheese and pepper roll ups, my cheese ball, and a sour cream bacon all purpose dip. 026I scraped the icing off of the cookie, and only ate one of the roll ups. I went back for a lot more veggies and a little more cheese. Can’t help it!

After work I went to my parents’ house to wrap Mr. Green’s presents. I had most of them shipped there so that he wouldn’t open them while I was away at work. He’s sneaky like that. Some of them I wrapped to be more “mysterious” because he’s been driving me crazy with that word. He has been holding up huge wrapped presents in front of me and begging me to shake them, crying, “It’s so mysterious! So light! What could it be?” So I made sure to give him a few mysteries.

My mom surprised me with agave nectar sticks for my coffee. Isn’t that sweet? No pun intended. The sticks are tasty, and even better when broken open like the package mentions. Note to self: read instructions, instead of guessing for five minutes.


Mom also bequeathed me several clementines and a couple of Meyer lemons from a family friend’s tree.069

Meyer lemons grow really well here. I might have to make a vegetable-lemon juice.

For dinner the boyfriend and I went out to eat. We were in the mood for something new, so went to an Australian restaurant called Dingo’s. It was dark in there, so the pictures weren’t fabulous.

For an appetizer we ordered something called a shrimp bong. It was skewered, blackened shrimp stuck in a vase of melted butter.041


I tasted the butter but was not a fan. Also, I tasted the bread, and passed on that. In my opinion the bread should’ve been toasted or broiled. It was just plain bread and butter, which can be good, but this wasn’t.

For my entree I got a seared tuna salad. It had grilled asparagus, artichoke hearts, olives, and a crispy cheese disc. I think it was parmesan.064


The salad was pretty good, but I had a problem with the temperatures being off. The grilled asparagus was cold, and the artichoke hearts were huge and straight from the fridge. I don’t like being a negative person, so I’ll just stop there.

My boyfriend got the fish tacos, which looked a lot better to me.058

We watched “The Incredibles” after dinner, which was fun. I just reactived our Netflix account, which was on hold for several months. There was just nothing we wanted to watch. I’m not sure if there’s anything I want to watch now, but I figured vacation time was a good time to start lazing on the couch. Any movie (or TV show) recommendations?

In closing, here’s a note I found in a santa mug I almost bought at Hobby Lobby a month ago.031

It reads: Today I saw two old homeys give a homeless man flowers. Make it your goal to find a random act of kindness today – truly good people are always out there!

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