Sunday, December 13, 2009


Saturday I took the day off from blogging. That seems to happen at least once a week, huh?

This morning I woke up and had coffee and rum cake. That’s always a good way to start the day. 001


Boyfriend and I went to my parents after a little while. Once there we had another cup of coffee, followed by wine. 004

Crackers and cheese, and guacamole. Real guacamole. See fake guacamole story if you wish.


We had a wonderful vegetarian lasagna and salad. It was mid 60’s today so we sat outside. My mother made both, by the way. I loved the walnuts, craisins, and fresh herbs from the garden in the salad.

033031 032

Chianti went with our meal. Sorry for my purse in the background there.028

Mom told me that her friend Molly was talking about how she couldn’t wait to be retired so she could sit around all day “Looking at boobs on the interstate.” We all laughed at this. Apparently she meant “Blogs on the internet”. Or maybe not?

Back to the Kitchen Utensil Series:

This object is called a Pastrangulator, patent pending. I can’t give away all of our secrets, but my family has renamed a lot of things.


For dinner I had a Chik patty on my mom’s homemade sourdough bread. I made it with lots of onion and a garlic and herb laughing cow cheese.035

Pretty darn good.




Mom said...

Hi Emily and The Boyfriend,

Thanks for the great picture and very kind words for my cooking!

Just wanted to add that Molly is my dearest friend; she's one of the lights of my life and a treasure. We laughed about the boobs on the interstate with delight and love. Molly comes up with some good ones.

Ms. Brown said...