Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Very Craisin Breakfast

This morning my boyfriend made me breakfast. Oatmeal with walnuts and craisins – yum!007

The last couple of mornings have finally been cold. Well, cold for here. I think it’s 50 degrees right now.

For a snack I had ye olde carrots and hummus.010

For lunch I had leftover broccoli, cheese, shells, and shrimp. It was good. I like when red pepper flakes get stuck in my gums. Maybe I wouldn’t like it so much if I had fresh pepper flakes.012

This evening I made jambalaya. It turned out very well.020

It’s kind of hard to see details in my nighttime pictures because of the horrible lighting in my apartment. The jambalaya was almost exactly like the one I made a few weeks ago here. The only difference was I used red bell pepper, and I had a few problems browning the meat because my boyfriend wanted to stick his fingers in the pot and steal sausages.

I also ate a Luna bar which I didn’t photograph, thinking I had when I bought it. It was a minty chocolate one. Probably the best Luna bar I’ve had so far. What are all the differences? I see they have a sunrise bar, a tea cookie, and other bars. That’s how they getcha. Clif has made me curious about their Nectar bars, but I’m being strong.

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