Monday, December 7, 2009

The Great Spatula Debate

I forgot to mention yesterday (Sunday) that I did get a picture of the snow on Friday night.  Not very glamorous, but this is how much accumulated on my car, then quickly melted off. Still exciting though.  *No laughing from you Nawtheners!*003

This morning I had steel cut oatmeal with raisins, walnuts, and ginger snap granola mixed in.012

I’m already planning the same thing for tomorrow. For a snack I had a few cashews.018

I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond at lunch. I picked up a Christmas present, and thought about buying some dishes for myself, but didn’t. I also wanted a colorful spatula. Does everyone else say spatula for 2 different things? I mostly mean the flexible silicone scrapers, but I often mean a flipper too.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


There are also wooden spatulas too, but I draw the line there. All wooden utensils shall be known as “spoons”. 

So for lunch I had the leftover bits from the burritos last night. Rice, black beans, green onion, chicken, jalapenos, and bell peppers tossed in tomatillo sauce. 014

I should’ve called my blog “Burrito Bowl” because that’s all I ever eat.

I also nibbled on a few veggies022

and a failed bean dip I made.019

It had cannellini beans, Tabasco, lemon juice, and a few olives chopped up. Last night I thought olives would be a good idea. Mistake! It was a little too briny today. I mostly ate the vegetables without the dip.

A bit later I had a piece of pie. Yes you heard me. I had a piece of single serve key lime pie in my freezer at work, and I thought it might be getting old. Don’t they expire after a couple of months? (I’m kidding)025

I also had tea.

For dinner we sampled some beef stew that Mr.. Greens made, but decided to save it for tomorrow, since soup is generally better the next day.027

Then dug into the stash of freezer burritos. They’re quite good. Also, carrot sticks (about 10 more than pictured):028 032

We just watched “Office Space”, which still makes me laugh. God, I’m getting old. I remember that Windows ‘95 that they were using.

I would also like to add that I burned myself cooking (I’m hardcore).  009

and I’ve been eating far too many sweets lately. Need to cut back! Tonight I said to my boyfriend that I wanted to make Christmas cookies and fudge, and he told me straight up that we eat too much sugar – which is true. Don’t forget the rum cake, snickerdoodles, key lime pie, and milk chocolates. Plus I tend to eat a Clif bar and sweetened granola every day. :(

Time for sleep!


elena said...

Well, considering the dreary, cold, damp weather we're experiencing and now the relentless rain, I say thank God for key lime pie!

I myself started the day off with 2 pieces of Tortuga rum cake while the coffee dripped.

emily said...

Mmmm...rum cake....

Scott said...

This might sound weird but I love silicone scrapers. It is THE most important kithcen utensil in my house. especailly since I do a lot of sauteing and stir fry. Best part is you can leave it in the pan and it doesn't melt.

Elena, I think you have inspired me to start eating rum cake for breakfast every day, what better way to get the day started.

elena said...

Oh, Beans, you really started something with the spatuala debate.

Wikipedia has wonderful things to say about it. Did you know that spatula (plural spatulae) are also hairy type things on the feet of geckos?
I am going to stick with scrapers and flippers. They are so descriptive.