Saturday, December 26, 2009


Sorry I was MIA for Christmas, but we had a somewhat busy day followed by lots of Red Dwarf watching. I’ve never heard of anyone outside of my family watching that show except for Dori.

What follows is a picture heavy recap of the day. We woke early and I thought about making breakfast, but didn’t. After opening presents, we hightailed it to my parents’, and waited for them. They were on a walk.049

[favorite candid photo of the day.]

My new scarf (thanks, Dotty!)044

Mr. Greens’ scarf (that’s Callie, my parents’ cat)046

We had breakfast at my parents, consisting of Starbucks Christmas blend.027

homemade-by-mom breakfast cake,051

and mimosas! (I was excited)056 095[drinking when I should be working]

Appetizers: Chex mix made my moi, crudite, hummus made by my boyfriend, and warm pita wedges. 040


I dropped one of these tomatoes on the floor and couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere. My dad said, “Are your pants cuffed?” Sure enough there was a tomato in my pants cuff. Ha! Good thinking, dad.



067 083

My dad bought my mom the Stuff White People like Page-a-day calendar. Funny stuff. Hummus was January 1st, which we all had a laugh at. Hummus is good, what can we say. Also, we’re white.

My dad received this blended scotch, and pretended to drink it over his shoulder.063

064 [this is a close second for my favorite photo of the day!]

My boyfriend got this interesting alcoholic beverage, a barley wine, or distilled beverage050

which he also pretended to chug.079

Actual lunch: We had a greek feast. You know how we are if you read this blog. We never have traditional American meals for holidays. We had spanikopita, mujadarrah, hummus, and greek salad. I was so full of mimosas, hummus and chex mix that I didn’t think I could eat any. Mom and I make the spanikopita on the actual day, everything was made in advance. Spanikopita is the greek pastry dish made with layered phyllo dough and a spinach, onion, feta cheese mixture on the inside.107 133mmm, crispy layers….

Mr. Greens makes the best mujadarrah, one of my favorite greek dishes. It consists of rice and lentils, with fried onions and spices. If it’s done well it has a meaty consistency, like dirty rice. 147

And of course he makes a mean hummus.

My mom’s salad, unmixed. It is mostly several bell pepper, olives, fresh herbs, feta, tomatoes, and cucumber.118

My plate:  137

  Greek yogurt can be substituted for tzatziki sauce. 141



121We do eat inside sometimes, usually when it’s too cold to go outside.

After eating, I took a short nap on the couch with a willing participant.160

One of Mr. Green’s presents that I’m excited about is a Bialetti espresso maker. He perked me up with promises of a cup.058


My mom has a cup, plate, or glass for every occasion. I probably would if I had the cabinet space. We are very similar.

I don’t know what my most exciting gift was….my boyfriend bought me a Snuggie (haha), a really nice blanket from Restoration Hardware, and two pairs of slippers. I’m an old lady, what can I say? I also got tea, candles (from Phebes!) and chocolate. Another biggie: a compost tumbler. That might seem weird to some people, but I’ve wanted to compost for a long time, and they’re really cool. Thank you mom, dad, and Mr. Greens.

The eats later on in the day included a freezer burrito, and lots of chocolate and cheese. 204 179


Plus a couple of beers while watching Red Dwarf, you smegs. 214

All right, this is way too long. I’m getting bored with myself….Merry(late) Christmas!

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elena said...

Great pictures! I am glad we finally get to see the mysterious Mr. Greens.