Sunday, January 3, 2010

Old Favorites

I had over a week off and what did I do? Nothing, glorious nothing. I felt a little guilty about abandoning the blog, but we didn’t do a lot of exciting eating so not much to be missed.

This morning’s eats were a lovely egg and cheese sandwich, a glass of soy milk, a clementine, and a cup of coffee. 113122   126123

After this large breakfast, I never had a proper lunch, although I did have a homemade iced mocha. No picture of the actual drink, but here’s the gist: brew a bit of espresso grade coffee, stir in powdered chocolate, and mix with soy milk and ice. Terrific, although my first go had a little too much soy milk.133131


For dinner we had an old favorite: risotto with shrimp and roasted brussels sprouts with garlic and pine nuts. 149


It was wonderful. I’m off to have a Sam Adams light, and not worry so much about going back to work in the morning. We’ve been watching Peep Show (again) which I absolutely love. Over the break we completely caught up on Red Dwarf. I can’t believe they’re going to make a new series!

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