Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sushi Sunday

Warning: tons of photos ahead!

For breakfast I had a nice fresh veggie omelet. The ingredients were onions, broccoli, cheese, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Plus two eggs.006 001 014

For lunch we made sushi, which was a blast. I steamed some edamame for an appetizer while we cooked rice and sliced vegetables.016

We also drank wine: Sauvignon Blanc, always a favorite. 019

Some shots of the prep work: 023 022

025 026   024

And rolls: Vegetarian crazy sprout roll (cream cheese, carrots, bell pepper, sprouts, and wasabi paste)


Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and green onion: 039

Smoked Salmon and assorted vegetables033

Spicy Tuna :037 Tuna:038 053Inside Out Roll: 047 049 My mother cutting her creation:041 Crab Salad topped with Tobiko:055 Kitchen Sink roll:058 060


The family tends to make huge bunches of sushi for just 4 people. I think this time we made 9 different rolls. It’s hard to stop when you have a bunch of cut vegetables and sliced tuna, salmon, and crab salad. I couldn’t tell you what my favorite was this time, although sprouts and finely grated carrots made everything better.

For dinner much later that evening we had simple quesadillas. I had cheese, beans, and jalapenos.065

Gotta Go!

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