Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Very Kale-y Day

This morning I was greeted with steel cut oatmeal to warm my belly. It had craisins, chopped walnuts, chopped dates, and a sprinkling of granola.002  Before working out I had half a Clif bar. I was really liking this White Chocolate Macadamia Nut flavor, but now I’m not so into it. WCMN is so 2009. 003

For lunch I had white beans, rice, and kale. Plus a carrot while I waited for the microwave to be free.013


The beans I used were just a can of Blue Runner Creole Cream style navy beans. Yum. I love Blue Runner.007

Dinner was salmon burgers and kale chips. We were planning on leftover risotto too, but it was a little stale for lack of a better word.

For the kale chips I used a whole head of kale torn to pieces which I drizzled with a tiny bit of olive oil, then sprinkled with salt and pepper. After some thought I added a little fresh parmesan cheese.018 Unfortunately I was too busy eating the crisps to take a really good photograph of the finished product. Below they look blurry and blackened. Just think of it as an action shot, with the chips sliding down the plate into my open mouth.

032For the main course we tried these fish fillets, which I thought were burgers when I picked them up at the store. I’ve been really wanting a tuna or salmon burger, and this is what the store had.026 

They were a bit expensive in my opinion. I think we would’ve done better at the fish counter. It wasn’t bad tasting, but I would probably stick to Whole Foods salmon burgers, or something comparable.

I had my fillet on an Orowheat thin with a smear of stone ground mustard and a few onions.034040

**Kale is delicious, and I definitely need to use it more often, not just for chips.**

*Note* [not food related] Mr. Greens is suffering from weird symptoms lately. He has had a leg rash and today his feet started hurting. For those of you new to my anonymous boyfriend, this boy gets random illnesses all the time, and has bad luck with bug bites (like 2 separate brown recluse bites and chiggers this summer). Last year he got shingles which was horrible. Hopefully this is nothing serious. The only thing I could think of is our 20 pound cat likes to sleep on his feet which could’ve done some damage.

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mom said...

Nice kale! I am jealous.

I bought some cute little kale plants for my garden and thought I would grow my very own organic kale. I've been waiting for them to start looking like kale, but no. They look just like ornamental cabbage. I suspect that that is what they are.

Give Mr. Greens a hug for me.