Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hawkeye Lunch & Stuffed Squash Dinner

Best sunset ever tonight! I won’t bore you with a ton of pictures, but here’s a sample:154 164 Unfortunately (?) I’ve been terribly busy lately and have neglected posting, although I have taken some nice pictures of my food lately. I also haven’t been cooking very much.

As you may or may not know, I started taking a couple of classes at night and on the weekend. I also changed positions at my job, which is mildly stressful. The worst thing is I haven’t really been able to cook or clean. Today I decided I would make time for the blog though.

This morning I had my usual oatmeal (chopped dates and walnuts) with ground flaxseed added. The flaxseed was kind of like Wheat Germ, but crunchier. I liked it.135 Mr. Greens picked me up for lunch, and we went to the grocery store! We both got deli wraps,  orange juice, and chips to share.138

139 144 I got ham and swiss, and he got an italian, and we shared. Pretty darn good. We ate in the car with the moon roof down, and I saw a huge hawk circling above. It was so close! A moment later we saw another one. They were definitely circling the parking lot, hoping to grab lunch.

Later in the day I snacked on an unsatisfying granola bar. AND a small bag of popcorn.119 148

I was gnawing on my arm, but not hungry. Sometimes I get bored or anxious at work and I don’t really know what to do.

Directly after work I did weights, although poorly. My legs are horribly stiff from recently getting back into weight training (SQUATS!) and running. I could hardly get out of bed this morning!

Immediately after that, the boyfriend and I went running. We’ve had a few arguments about how to start running, but we’ve settled on the Couch to 5k method for now. FYI: we’re on week 2 day 2.

Dinner was a treat and a way to get rid of leftovers, all in one. That’s always a bonus. We had leftover spaghetti and meatballs two days ago. There was one meatball left, which I smashed up, added lentils, more pasta, and voila! It was good for lunch yesterday, but too much food.188 +

butternut squash 191

=197 179

Also on the side: a veggie plate, which my boyfriend ate most of. Confession: I bought ranch dressing, which is in a shot glass on the side. I have been wanting a dressing like Newman’s Southwestern, but I cannot find it! Does anyone have suggestions for a tangy, creamy sauce? I don’t use salad dressing a lot, but I like it in salad wraps. I digress…

I hope my legs feel better tomorrow, although it’s kinda nice feeling something from a workout. Now I know for sure my cardio at the gym has not been enough. Nothing like pounding the pavement!

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