Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Classy Eats

I’ve gotten in to two bad habits lately: not working out so much, and eating breakfast really late. I can’t really explain the last one, except to say that it started around Christmas break. Breakfast has always been bright and early to me, but lately I’ve been eating so late that it’s practically lunch time. Today’s breakfast was eaten right before I left for the gym. It was steel cut oatmeal with dates, almonds, and a sprinkle of ginger granola. 003

At lunch I had lentil soup from my freezer. It is the Giada de Laurentiis recipe that I make often. 011

It is filled with lentils, carrots, tomatoes, a small amount of pasta, and a little sausage. I recommend it highly. I’ve added corn which made it more colorful, and I’m thinking of making a vegetarian version next time.005

At work I stuck with my no snacking rule, although it helped to know that I was having a treat later in the day.

The weather was horrible after work! Baton Rouge was under a tornado watch, and unfortunately I had to drive around from work to school. The lightning was really close and super loud. I stopped at Starbucks and bought a medium soy latte with one pump of toffee nut and an extra splash of rainwater.


It was nice to stand outside Starbucks and wait for the rain to let up. (There’s a covering, so I didn’t get wet.) I talked to a guy from New Jersey who seemed to really like the south, but was incredulous as to how short the winter is. He asked me if that was it, if that’s all our winter is, and I answered that we might get another cold spell or two, but yeah, get ready for 9 months of heat.

A Clif Mojo bar was enjoyed hastily in the car before class.  012

1st day of school! My class was short, thankfully. Nothing unusual happened at school except I have to go to class one more day a week than expected. Urgh! For some reason when I was scheduling the class it was listed as only Wednesday night, but nope, it’s Monday and Wednesday! It sounded too good to be true.

For dinner I had a salmon burger with avocado slices and lettuce, on an Orowheat Thin. 046

It was good, but not as orgasmic as my boyfriend’s chipotle mayo, apparently. He loves that stuff, I’m telling ya’.

On the side I had a few vegetables with Mr. Greens’ special hummus. 035 037

I’m saving the rest of my veggies and hummus for tomorrow, I anticipate a killer veggie sandwich!

*Note: Interesting Article about the health effects of too much sitting.


Anonymous said...

Splash of rainwater? You should be in marketing!

elena said...

Yes,ha ha,I loved the "splash of rainwater."
That was quite a storm!