Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Chili Day

Today was so cold! I hopped out of bed and grabbed my snuggie and slippers to wear into the kitchen. Also I dressed in 3 layers which helped throughout the day.

For breakfast I had a warm and comforting bowl of steel cut oatmeal with dates, walnuts, and a sprinkling of Ginger Snap granola.002

I ate breakfast rather late, around 10:00 so I didn’t need a snack before lunch. This was not done on purpose, I just haven’t gotten back into the rhythm of square meals since the holidays.

At lunch I went to the gym and had a nice workout, although my nose started bleeding. I think it was from breathing so much dry, heater air. How do people do it for so long up North? My eyes and nose are seriously dry today.

For lunch I had leftover split pea soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.009

My sandwich press got put to good use with an Orowheat Thin and Amish cheddar.003



Before dinner we had a couple of crackers and chicken salad. Random tastiness.016 For dinner we had chili! I’ve been wanting chili for awhile so I was excited for this. I saw this chili recipe from Real Simple on Carrots N Cake the first time she made it, and we decided to try it. We’ve been looking for a good recipe that meets both of our requirements, and this one seems to fit the bill. Mr. Greens likes a beefy beer chili, I love beans and texture.While I was at work today, he made the chili. He followed the recipe exactly, using Guinness for the beer, and pot roast for the meat. The results were fabulous. 047 046 My serving was topped with cheese and jalapenos. Ha – you can barely see the chili!037  We also had cornbread. Someone mentioned eating pancake batter the other day, which I found gross, until I remembered my secret love: cornbread batter. Paula Deen would say, “It’s better than cookie dough, y’all.” 053

Confession of the day: I love sweet cornbread, which is apparently a no-no in the deep south. It’s sooo good. The boxed mixes sell well at stores here. Maybe the naysayers are using the grit to feed their pigs. As if! You know they secretly eat it.


elena said...

Hi Beans!
Shortly after seeing the beautiful pictures of Mr. Greens' chili, I went to Target for supplies. Now if I can just rouse myself, I'll make some chili, too. You and Mr. Greens are very inspiring.

beans said...

It helps to have a whipping boy, er, I mean cook who I love dearly at home.
This week is a good week for chili. It might snow today. Lawdy! *clutches pearls*