Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pizza is a Gateway Drug

Diet-wise today started off somewhat well, went to crap, then sort of steadied. Let me explain with helpful pictures.

Breakfast: An egg sandwich comprised of one egg and two pieces of homemade sourdough bread (mom’s baking, not mine). The positive: I skipped adding cheese.001 002

Also I had the usual cuppa joe and water.

Lunch is where things went downhill. My boss ordered pizza for the entire office, which was quite generous. I wanted to abstain, but the place smelled so deliciously cheesy I weakened. I also ate quite a bit of it before I even got back to my desk. I was hungry. One of the pieces was bacon, and one was barbequed chicken and pineapple.008 006This pineapple’s for you, dad. (My mother is against the idea of having pineapple on pizza.)

I have mentioned before that the only pizza worth having is homemade, but I have slipped. I am human after all.

For a snack an hour later I went down the self-defeating path to chips.

Lesson of the day: Pizza is a gateway drug? 012

Not content with that, I had two Biscoff cookies. 010 

These make me think of Kath.

Around 4:00 I decided to have a snack, even though I don’t think I was really hungry. So I dug into my grapefruit. 015 023026 The skin was a little old, so I just peeled that back a bit and ate the inside flesh. Does anyone else do that? That method is pretty messy, but works well for tough skin.

I also had a cup of tea. Williamson Christmas tea from my mother! 020 

Needless to say for dinner I wasn’t really hungry. My plan was to roast a butternut squash, but I apparently cut into one that wasn’t ripe yet. I was bummed to throw it out (compost it, I mean), and I had been really looking forward to roasted squash. My boyfriend was heating up soup that smelled really good, and even though I’ve had it every day, I ate a cup of white bean & kale soup. 031 We also ate a few sardines each. Sardines are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and loads of vitamins and minerals. Plus they’re tasty.035

These were not my beloved Season Skinless Boneless variety, but they did the trick.

After dinner we watched a bit of Peep Show and I ate a few squares of Dove dark chocolate. 058

Hedwig wants some too!


Mom said...

Hi Emily,

Beautiful grapefruit!
Glad you're drinking the Christmas tea. I've felt bad that I pronounced it not good. It's really quite good so long as you don't steep it longer than 4 or 5 minutes. It's especially nice with lemon and sugar.
Hedvig is so glorious with the Dove chocolate.

emily said...

Mom, what's funny is I couldn't remember if you said to oversteep or understeep. I accidentally oversteeped and it is a TAD BITTER. Now I'll remember!

Dad said...

Pineapple Pizza Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!