Friday, January 15, 2010

Chili+corn chips+cheese=?

This morning I made a batch of Old Fashioned rolled oats, which only take about 5 minutes on the stove. My oatmeal consisted of dates, walnuts, a couple of cashews, and a sprinkling of Ginger Snap granola. 001

It was very good, but I ate it too late, at work. Maybe around 10:00, which is not like me, but I’ve been doing this lately. I think this sets me up for failure, making me feel snacky throughout the day. Here’s an interesting article about the benefits of breakfast.

For lunch I ate homemade chili topped with cheese, and a few corn chips.  011


I also had a plain club soda. I’ve been having stomach issues. Yeah, maybe my lunch wasn’t the best thing to eat. 012

Then I committed random acts of snackiness, including Biscoff cookies and a few small Hershey’s miniatures. 018

For dinner I wasn’t very hungry, but I had a Grillers Prime on an Orowheat thin with a smattering of coarse mustard, melted gouda, and nice lettuce. [all you can see is the lettuce in that picture] Plus a few tomatoes.  021

I ate almost all of it, and then moved on to a hefty glass of wine. 023 It was Friday, what can I say?

We watched a movie (Total Recall), and I fell asleep toward the end. Boo! So I’ll probably have to rewatch.

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