Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Soup for Me!

prof Good News everyone! [Any Futurama Fans?]  I found Milton’s Crackers at my local store. No such luck on their bread though. 022


These crackers are so tasty, buttery and salty like a Ritz, with a more complex base of seeds and multigrain goodness. They were previously top on my list of “Food I can’t find in Baton Rouge”. I had previously eaten them in Long Island, and from care packages from my boyfriend’s mother (Hi Dotty!) Also on that can’t find list? Anything from Trader Joe’s (none here), Arnold Thins (although Orowheat Thins are good), and I’m sure a few other things. I’ll probably revisit this topic later, when I have more time.

I don’t remember breakfast, although it was probably a Clif bar, eaten over my desk. Tsk tsk.

Lunch was black bean soup and crackers. Dr. McDougall’s black bean soup and TLC roasted vegetable crackers to be exact. 003

006 005

The box of soup had two servings, and upon inspection I decided to eat both servings. It was a little thin, but tasty. If I were at home I would’ve added more black beans and perhaps corn or tomatoes to the soup. The only negatives to it was the strong cilantro flavor (I hate cilantro…..passionately) and the wateriness. I know it was a low calorie, “healthy”, vegan soup, but it could’ve been better.

Afternoon snack: Lemon Larabar and an unpictured gingerbread spice tea.011

For dinner I made an odd assortment of food I wanted: a salad with black eyed peas, sardines, and hardboiled eggs.  Baby lettuce, with carrot slices:  035Black eyed peas (not attractive, but tasty)032

the best sardines, worth the price030

Hard boiled wonderland egg with sprinkle of seasoning045

Mix together, and it isn’t pretty, but it is satisfying: 040

I want to show you some funny post-it notes that my coworker friend gave me for Christmas: 015 016

Made me laugh!


elena said...

Love the post-it notes!

Simon said...

Thanks for the great comments on the Milton's Multi-Grain Crackers! Glad to have you as a fan! I noticed you are having a hard time finding our bread - feel free to send us a note at testimonials@miltonsbaking.com, send us your zip or city/state and we will track down what stores in your area carry the bread.
Best wishes to you and yours for the holidays from the Bakers at Milton's.

Ameena said...

Milton's crackers are the best...I only wish that they didn't contain soy (I believe most of them do).