Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Breakfast this morning was homemade sweet potato bread and a cup of coffee.
At work I had a few snacks. There was a blood donation emergency at work, so I was more than happy to oblige. Some people are sick or queasy by the sight of needles or blood, but not me. Bring it on! Snacks were: a bunch of yogurt covered raisins. These are good. Laughing cow Gouda cheese and a sweet, sour, crisp delicious Granny Smith Apple!

Lunch was a kangaroo pocket pita stuffed with leftover pulled pork, cheddar, and baby spinach. I should've had some BBQ sauce. Oh, sweet Baby Ray, how I missed you! I have made pulled pork several times, but this time I used a recipe culled from aggie's blog. I originally got to the recipe from itzy's kitchen. It was fabulous, and the consensus at our household is, never make it the old way again. Pictures of my food taken in the AM:Cruel light of morning.
Bag o' spinach, pulled pork, 2 pita pockets, and a cool mint chocolate Clif bar.
The Clif bar was uneaten today, as I ended up not being able to work out. The nurse who took my blood said no strenuous activities for 12 hours!
I usually workout at lunch and then hurriedly eat my lunch at my desk. It's definitely become a habit to exercise, and I feel thrown off if it doesn't happen.


Jodie said...

Just found your blog. The sweet potato bread looks quite yummy. Is it a recipe you can share?

jodie said...

Just saw the recipe, did not scroll down far enough.:( :)