Monday, September 28, 2009

Musical Sunday

On Sunday I woke to an extremely hungry stomach. I made grits, canadian bacon, and egg in toast. Plus coffee:
We went to my parents' house a little later, and had wine and crackers and cheese. More of the same wine as last week. Groth Sauv Blanc 2008.
The regular crowd was there.
Poojah the peach-faced love bird. Don't let the name fool you, she loves to bite. She also likes Eric Clapton.And Kali, who I disturbed napping. He's very pretty.
After a bit we ordered Chinese takeout. Singapore Mai Fun, Vegetarian Bean Curd, egg rolls, and chicken on a stick are the usuals. I have to eat a little bit of everything.
After eating, we all hopped into a car and headed to Covington to see an early music group called Musica Da Camera.
The church they played in was huge, and the grounds were very pretty.
Later on that evening I had a half of a cantaloupe. I usually wait too long to open up a cantaloupe, but today was my lucky day. This was perfect-o.
There's a few bite marks in it already. I couldn't wait.

*Right now we're dealing with fruit flies because of the cantaloupe and bananas I bought on Saturday. I have almost stopped buying bananas because they attract so many flies. What can I do? I just looked in my coffee cup and there are 3 fruit flies swimming around in there. Ack!

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