Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Part II

The rest of my Saturday has been pretty fruitful. It's been a slow cook kind of day.
Yes, it's pulled pork again. What can I say, it's pretty popular with the boyfriend. Today I added an old carrot. And because I was feeling ambitious, I tried a new recipe. It was for cauliflower mac & cheese from Carrots N Cake: recipe (borrowed from Real Simple).
How is this 6 servings, Real Simple? (There is another dish to the side as well). I took a test bite and thought it was a little dry, but I'm going to give it some sittin' time before I judge too harshly.
Earlier when I realized I needed some fresh parsley I went out to my abandoned backyard garden and looked around hopefully. No such luck, but I did see some cool stuff.Green bananas on the banana tree.The banana tree's flower. I love the banana flower, it is huge and a startlingly bright color. Last year during Hurricane Gustav, this tree threw bananas all over the yard. That was Labor day last year.


I tried the Orowheat thins and liked them!
Toasty Oro' thin, Chik Patty, mozzarella, baby spinach, honey mustard, and a few slices of onion.I also enjoyed a Turbodog while mopping. If you're ever by Abita Springs, I recommend going by their brewery and taking the tour. Lots of fun!

I'm off to watch The Soup and do some relaxing.
My pineapple plant:

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