Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spicy Oat Love

This morning, I had Spicy Oats for the first time. This recipe is a favorite and usual on Green Dog Wine's blog (which I love), and little did I know when I was eating breakfast this morning that it is her blog's one year anniversary. Wahoo!
Ingredients used: one egg, Old fashioned oats, 2 morning star sausage links (she recommends the patties), and Tabasco.
The original recipe calls for Frank's Hot Sauce. Here's my cue to say, "down here we don't take too kindly to them Nawthun brands."It looks beige and mushy, but it was very very good. I had to throw it in a tupperware and eat at my desk because I was running out of time. My muffled "Mmmm's" and "omigods" could probably be heard throughout the building, but that's not unusual. My workplace likes to eat.

Before working out I had a fuji apple. The banana in the picture ended up in the freezer. It was a little too mushy. It's ok though, it will be reincarnated as banana bread.I also had half a Clif bar. The other half was eaten in the afternoon.


For lunch I had my homemade hummus, with carrots, bell pepper, and grape tomatoes. The tomatoes have been very good lately. Not too squishy or seedy.
There was also a salad which I didn't finish, and a grilled cheese sandwich. The salad had spinach, radish, walnuts, and green apple.An ounce of cheese and Orowheat thin.My well-loved Snackster, which makes pressed hot sandwiches.
Boyfriend made pita pizza while I took a small (but well-deserved) nap. The crust was Kangaroo pocket pita. They were the "salad pockets" if I'm not mistaken, and you can tell in the picture that the pizza halves are not joined. That was ok by me! The sauce was Newman's Sockarooni (love), the toppings were skim mozzarella, black olives, onion, red bell pepper, and Hormel Natural Choice Pepperoni.
Doesn't that look good? For us, pita pizza is a fast meal that is customizable. You could definitely make this healthier. Our kitchen gets too hot to make real pizza, so I leave that to my mother who knows how to make a good dough, and also has central a/c.


30 min on elliptical
10 min on stationary bike

My coworker has been going to the gym with me lately, and she mentioned wanting to go swimming. We have a lovely indoor pool at the gym and hardly anyone uses it. I think part of it is the "Swim With A Partner" policy. I told her I have to buy a swimming suit first!


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Erica said...

Love spicy oats and GDW is the best! Glad you enjoyed. Josh (my husband) use to have that same snackster! Nothing like a good melty sammy