Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Bloody Monday

This morning I was in a huge rush.
All I could scramble up was half a Clif Bar and a small banana.
I worked overtime at work today. I usually use my lunch time to exercise at the gym at work, but today I was dragging so much that I wanted to get out as soon as possible, so I just ate at my desk.
Lunch: was a reheated Chik patty on an Orowheat bun, with a Laughing cow wedge, and mustard.
When I make chik patties, I bake two at a time, and zap the other in the microwave the next day. They have never been good straight microwaved to me, but reheated is ok.

This photo was taken at home, but I keep another jar of honey dijon at work in my little fridge. It's good stuff.

Dinner: When I got home, my boyfriend was already cooking.
He fried up some potatoes in a teaspoon of butter, and a misting of olive oil. We both agreed that the pulled pork I made a couple of days ago wasn't my best effort, so he added it to make a corned beef hash (sans beef).
Like any hungry man, he added two fried runny eggs to the top of his mountain of hash.
My serving was one modest egg.
Almost immediately afterward I had half a grapefruit with my new grapefruit spoon. Thanks, mom!

Aren't they pretty?

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