Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Bicycling

*View from the Levee, Mississippi River overgrowth*

The boyfriend and I had a bike ride scheduled for today, even though it has been raining every day this month. You have to love hurricane season in the gulf states! We started on the levee trail (this is in downtown Baton Rouge, on top of the Mississippi River levee), and got off at Brightside. This proved to be less of a bike path and more of a shoulder. It was raining moderately by this point. We cycled down to Nicholson, then ended up on LSU campus, and rode around the beautiful lakes.
Right when we got to one of the farthest points, the boyfriend's tire blew out. Unfortunately neither one of us had a patch kit or extra tube on us, and I didn't even have any money. Talk about unprepared! We walked to the nearest gas station and got a can of fix-a-flat. Worst idea ever! He filled his tire and it burst all over his beautiful new panniers. Oh well. We walked home. All in all we were outside for almost 4 hours, but I would estimate the ride to be an hour and a half, and the walking to be 2 hours. It was a nice ride, but I took almost no pictures because of the rain. When we got home we both ate loaded baked potatoes. Mine had chili and cheese and his had homemade pulled pork and bbq sauce.

I might come back and post the google map we used, but I'm pressed for time. Here's a link to our city's page on bike lanes/trails/paths. Sadly, they're mistaken about some of the "ease" of the paths.

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