Thursday, September 17, 2009

A kind of Croque Monsieur

We're out of groceries! Well...we're out of fresh produce, we have almost everything else. I always stock up on canned goods and frozen foods, especially around this time of year (Hurricane Season) because you never know.
Tonight we had a quick dinner consisting of canned soup, and a croque monsieur
My soup cabinet is bursting because of a sale a few weeks ago at my local Albertson's. Tonight I went with a childhood favorite: Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup. The boyfriend thought it was disappointing but said it might be a good base for cassoulet.
I was too busy being transported back in time to the winter when I mostly ate that and cream cheese crackers. Ahh...I was in middle school and read a lot of Bronte sisters and Poe. Nerd Alert!
On to the sandwiches!Action shot! (boyfriend cutting the sandwich)
It was made with wheat bread, virginia ham, Jarlsberg swiss, and sharp cheddar.
I had half of the sandwich, minus a few bites. "Someone" was looking at me pitifully.

He had a Newcastle, and I had a Shiner Bohemian Black Lager. Has anyone else tried this? It's sold on its own, but also in the Shiner anniversary 6-pack. I like it, but probably not as much as Abita Turbodog or just a Guinness. I know they're not in the same genre, Lager vs. Ale, etc, but I just think of them as darker beers.

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