Saturday, September 19, 2009


Breakfast: Eggs in toast, or toad in the hole, whatever you will. I just call it Good!

Looks done. Watch your "hole"( TWSS) because boyfriends and housemates will come by and snatch it out of the pan. This is good with a slice of ham, grits, or other such Grand Slam, weekend comfy breakfast options.
I chose a piece of thin deli ham.My ham folded itself into a fortune cookie shape, that's what my mother would call "an auspicious sign".

*Saturday Morning*
Today is going to be like most of my Saturdays lately: catchup! Grocery shopping, housecleaning, general budgeting, laundry, cooking, baking, etc. Hopefully I can see my friend and possibly make one or two sweet potato breads. They're in demand lately.
I went grocery shopping earlier today to get it out of the way. It's a Saturday, and a GAME DAY, so I avoid the crowds as much as possible. If you don't live in a sports town in the deep south, consider yourself lucky yer missin' out. It is an All Day Affair, with cooking smells and drunk driving and whoopin' and hollerin' and traffic jams.

I went to a great open air grocery store in Baton Rouge that I visit weekly. I asked management if I could take pictures, and I was politely turned down. That's too bad, because it was glorious in there today, piles upon piles of fruit and vegetables, along with great frozen produce (like okra, corn, beans), and wonderful dried goods like grits, beautiful beans, rice, nuts, and pasta. I especially love the specialty items like spices, rubs, sauces, jam, jelly, peppers, relish, and cheese. Almost everything there is local, and have cool labels. The most popular adjectives in this state are definitely Cajun and Creole.
I took pictures of what I bought when I got home though.
Bell pepper, 4 irish potatoes, 4 Louisiana sweet potatoes, garlic, grape tomatoes,
Carrots, ginger, broccoli
Huge nice onion. I just remembered some advice to buy small onions though, I think they're more potent. Sigh.

Potatoes are cheap, filling, and there are a hundred things you can do with them.
I also picked up some broccoflower, or Romanesco. The boyfriend has been wanting to try this ever since we heard about it. Fractal food!
I usually have to buy something cool or new, so today I picked up Bernard's Acadiana honey. Fruit: two gala apples, 3 granny smith apples, a few small bananas, and 3 California grapefruit.
All this came to 29.00. I usually spend about 20 bucks there, but today I splurged on the honey (8.99 - worth it).

At the other store I picked up only a few items interesting. I've looked for Arnold's thins, and then went to their website only to be told that they do not sell to Louisiana. Your loss! We may be po', but we like bread. I picked up some Orowheat thins to see if they're any good.
And thanks to Green Dog Allison, I now want Pirate's Booty, so I got some!
It didn't come in a treasure chest though. Sniff sniff.
The boyfriend and I have been eating Clif bars, mostly as fuel for workouts and long bicycle rides. Unfortunately there is no Costco, BJ's, or whatever other large grocery store in town. There's also no Trader Joe's.
I know, seriously!
I've bought Clif bars and the like online and in single packs in drugstores, so I was psyched to see them at Target for just under 6 bucks for a 6 pack. The only downside was there weren't a lot of flavors. I like Carrot Cake and Cool Chocolate Mint the most.
Mmmmm! Pirate's Booty....

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