Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunrise and Pita

My view this morning driving to work was heavenly. Really my camera and photography skills can't do it justice.
I need to figure out a way to take pictures of my lunches and snacks. My work is very private so I feel wrong taking pictures of anything at my desk. I did sneak and take a picture of my snack cabinet, for sort of a time capsule of what I've been eating lately. Excuse the overly saturated light effect. I work in almost complete darkness.

Left to right: Nature's Path Pumpkin seed granola, Smokehouse almonds, pitted dates in a ziploc bag, Community Coffee medium roast (local brand), granny smith apple, two boxes of mint tea, creamer and sugar, small box of clif bars. In the back: croutons and dried apricots.

Dinner was a pita stuffed with black beans, swiss, and a thin slice of ham. Which I then crammed with spinach. Oh yeah!
I'm ready for bed!

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