Thursday, September 17, 2009

Easy Frozen Yogurt

My mom purchased a cuisinart frozen yogurt maker, and it is the BOMB! Instead of buying one for myself, I have been making a simple frozen yogurt with my food processor (also a Cuisinart - Holla!) and just a few ingredients. None of the ingredients are homemade, but the froyo is still good!

I haven't found any brand of frozen fruit to be really superior to the rest. Whatever's cheapest usually works.

cup o' blueberriesCup o' strawberries. I usually pre-chop the strawberries a little, mostly because I'm afraid of damaging my blade. The first time I threw frozen whole strawberries into my Cuisinart it actually stopped moving. Thus, my anal retentive pre-slicing.
Plop a nice amount of yogurt into the food processor. This time I used roughly half of the container. In the past I've used unsweetened plain yogurt, and it's good, but I find the vanilla to be more like eating a treat.Done! No licking the blade! :(Enjoy now or separate into a couple of containers and pop in the freezer. I usually take them out the next morning, and then by mid-afternoon snack time, they're nicely melty with some firmness in the center.

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