Saturday, September 26, 2009

Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

Breakfast: This morning I had a grapefruit, and leftover szechwan shrimp. Some bigwigs were coming to the office so I had to make sure the place smelled garlicky and gingery at 8:00 in the morning!I usually drink coffee in the morning, either a quick cup at my house, or one at work, but today I had mint tea.
Around 10:00 AM I had a snack.
Lunch: At lunchtime, instead of going to the gym, I went to Whole Foods!Sometimes I have a hard time going there at lunch because there's so much to choose from. Do I want a salad? Panini? Sushi? How about a hot lunch? Argh! Today I was on a mission to just get a few things (although I forgot my list), and lunch was an afterthought.

Here's the goods: Steel cut oats PB Puffins
Bulk Bin- Nutty Granola and Vanilla Almond Granola (both on sale)
I can't wait to try these! There are so many granolas and cereals in the bulk bins, and I would like to try them all. Usually they rotate what's on sale, so that dictates what I choose to some extent. Also couldn't resist the Death Valley Chipotle Kettle Chips. It is my mission in life to try all of their flavors. Lame, I know. But who could resist flavors like Yogurt and Green Onion, Spicy Thai, Island Jerk, or Cheddar Beer?
Cold stuff:
I'm a huge fan of Fage yogurt, but it's a little pricey. (At my WF it's about 2.69 for a small). Today I picked up Voskos (8 oz, 2/$3.00) to try, and the little packages of Oikos($4.99 4pack the containers are 4 oz). I'll let you know how they are in comparison. Salmon burgers, and tuna burgers:After all that what did I eat for lunch? A simple frozen burrito. Ha! I was looking for inexpensive and fast. I don't usually eat a lot of frozen meals (although I did look at the Kashi), but when I walked past it spoke to me in hushed tones. "Eat me, please" it whispered. So I obliged. With Taco Bell Hot sauce that a co-worker lent me. (Thanks, Pam!)It was goooood.
Snack: Later on I made a rookie mistake. I had too much sugar - 3 dried apricots and a black licorice whip. And an unpictured coffee. In about 10 minutes I felt sick. I blame the licorice.
*Vegetarians beware*
Dinner: Dinner was an undertaking but delicious. I roasted my first chicken! This damn chicken has been defrosting in my fridge for THREE DAYS. Don't believe any article that says 24 hours to defrost. Don't believe anything anyone tells you about poultry. Not your mom, not me. This I believe.
What I did was stuff a few herbs under the skin, along with a few pats of butter. I liberally coated the skin and cavity with coarse sea salt and black pepper. Then into a large heavy pot: one roughly chopped carrot, half a large onion, a quartered sweet potato, and 5 cloves of garlic. The bird was placed on top. It was supposed to be done in an hour (if using high heat-which I did) it was not. It took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. It looks like it's diving into the veggies in those pictures. I was flipping it at that point (flipping the bird?) and it's not quite done.
The vegetables became almost candied because of their high sugar. The chicken juices, plus the herbs and butter really made them the best vegetables I had eaten in awhile.The charred remains when deglazed with white wine made a lovely gravy of sorts ontop of leftover wild rice."Best carrots ever" said Boyfriend.

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