Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Leftover Kind of Day

The air felt GREAT today! It's currently 67!

Breakfast: Today I tried the Voskos plain Greek yogurt topped with my own honey. I tried a little without honey too (for fairness), and have to say their 0% is better than Oikos in my opinion. Not that I would turn away any Oikos. If you think that, you're mistaken.
I also had PB Puffins, and coffee. There was a grapefruit planned, but it looked old and gray so it went back into the fridge. Not quite a complete breakfast, but I scraped by.

Clif bar - last of the PB crunch. Not my favorite. In case anyone is wondering, I eat a snack about an hour before I work out. Anything helps with energy levels and performance. I used to be really anti-protein bars, but I've changed my opinion a little.

Lunch: Is anyone surprised that I'm still eating lentil soup? I have about 6 servings left. They're going in the freezer.And a sweet potato that I baked last night.I tried something that I remembered reading on the daily plate. I put honey on it. Just honey. It was good, but maybe too sweet? I like my sweet potatoes with pepper, or if I'm not caring about calories with butter and peppery seasonings.
My lunch always consists of a big gulp of water too. One in the morning, one after working out.Ah!

Snack: apricots, dates and(I ate the rest of the bag and then took a picture)

This has turned out to be leftover week. There was some chicken leftover from my roasting project (5 days old is still good, right?), so we made an old favorite Pasta Pesto with Chicken.
I had an olive and sliced bell pepper on the side.
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Erica said...

Hello! I haven't tried Voskos- I am going to be on the lookout for it. I really enjoy the oikos (plain with my own added honey (or honey and pumpkin- YUM!). I always put salsa on my sweet potatoes and usually some beans. Seems like the perfect topper! Have a good weekend

emily said...

I've never tried salsa, that sounds good. Beans on top might be my other favorite way to eat sweet potato.