Thursday, October 15, 2009

'Bani, 'Sagna, and Tater

This title is either my eats for the day, abbreviated, or a hillbilly sorority. You Decide!
Is is only Thursday?
Update: The neti pot seems to have helped, although I might take another waterboarding session tonight.
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This morning I had yogurt, honey, granola, coffee, and cantaloupe. This was starting the day right! Chobani 0% with super nutty granola, local Louisiana honey, Italian Blend coffee, and a juicy if somewhat bland cantaloupe.
I forgot to snack today! The gnawing feeling started when I was at the gym. Oops. My performance was good, but I got a little nauseated and thirsty.
I more than made up for the calories at lunch! Leftover homemade lasagna for the win! It looks kind of gross in this picture, but trust me, it was to die for.On the side: a lovely spinach salad with yellow bell pepper, grape tomatoes, black olives, walnuts, and a hunk of feta cheese.My mom's version of this salad is better - she makes one with just tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, bell peppers, and salty black olives. A little olive oil, vinegar, s&p. No lettuce. This is what I wanted (it goes well with pasta), but I didn't have those ingredients.
It worked out to be a lovely lunch. The above lasagna is 1.5 servings, and yes I ate it all! Don't hate.
Snack time later in the day: I ate a Luna Peanut Butter Cookie. This was free from - wahoo! - when I made my last order. I thought they just really liked me, but they sent my mom the same sample.Pros/Cons:
Pro: The flavor was awesome. I love a real peanut butter taste, and I thought they delivered.

Con: I don't like the crispiness of the Luna so much. It's too much like a rice crispy treat.
(The way I talk I sound like I have some serious gum problems, but I just really like soft and chewy bars, not hard or crispy).

For the record I've only had one other Luna, and didn't really like it (S'mores flavor). This was definitely better. This PB cookie has piqued my interest enough to want to try one of their hundred other flavors.

Dinner was a baked potato. This potato was so huge! I weighed it before cooking and it was over a pound. Needless to say I cut it in half after baking it.
Toppings: plain nonfat greek yogurt (Voskos brand), green onions, and a slice of pan fried deli ham. It was yummy! I'm glad I didn't attempt to eat over a pound of potato.
Before dinner I snacked on a few Smokehouse almonds.**I'm going to Neti and call it a night.**

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