Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Vegetarian Kinda Day

Sunday morning started bright and early. I knew exactly what I wanted for breakfast: fresh juice and waffles. There were a few leftover grapefruit and apples from last week that I thought would make a great juice.
The Juice: 1 carrot, 1 3/4 granny smith, 1 gala apple, and 2 grapefruit. (Peel the citrus and chop the apples and carrots in half or thirds)Throw them in the ol' Jack LaLanne Power Juicer (that's the fun part) And ta-da![They look barfy, but they're good.]
While I made the juice, my boyfriend made waffles. He follows a few different recipes from scratch, and today's recipe is one that we've made a few times. It was found on allrecipes: Deluxe Waffles [He made it with 1 cup of whole wheat flour, 1 cup of All Purpose flour. Also our batch made about 8 waffles, so the calorie count was different. 260 vs 410]
Here's my waffle with half a banana and two walnut halves
Now to pose a question: Why is it that the last bit of batter always makes a little square waffle? Every other waffle is round, why is this square? Does this happen to everyone?
After our dense breakfast, we waddled over to my parents' house. Bad News: Poojah the bird is now disabled, and has a little walkway to her food. My brother made her walkway, which I thought was sweet. Poojah is about 15+ years old.
For lunch today we had 2 types of lasagna. Vegetarian and a meat-eaters.
Broccoli con Pignoli and a nice salad with bell pepper, cucumber, parsley, grape tomatoes, and homemade salad dressing, which I did not take a picture of. I think I was too excited about eating.

My plate: I went with vegetarian lasagna. I like zucchini, mushroom, spinach, and other veggies in my pasta. This even had broccoli.
My portion of salad:

Everyone else had chianti and I was a little jealous. I drank a Modelo, which was wrong for the meal.
At home I snacked on an Iced Gingerbread Clif. I bought a box of both seasonal flavors. So far so good!

I decided upon a hodge-podge greek meal. Firstly, Mushroom burgers (Morningstar Farms) which are good with a little feta. Luckily we had a bag of homemade mujadarrah in the freezer.(We call it Muj.)
I whipped up a vegetable tray
and the boyfriend made his excellent hummus.
my plate his plate
I didn't clean my plate, but I saved my uneaten veggies for lunch tomorrow. Yay! Hummus!

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