Monday, October 12, 2009

Emergency Burrito

This morning I felt like a light breakfast, which is kind of funny since most of my breakfasts are the same calorie wise. I had a plain, non-fat Chobani which I topped with half a serving of Super Nutty Granola, a drizzle of honey, and on the side I had a banana and coffee.A bit later I had a Clif bar as a pre-workout snack.
Lunch was leftover roasted vegetables. I brought roasted chicken and gravy, but I didn't feel like eating it.
It smelled so good! Several people made comments and complimented my lunch.
Around 2:00 I had a coffee break.Then snacked on an apple and cheese.Dinner was super easy. I had an emergency burrito in the freezer.
I ate this with a yellow bell pepper half, and a few grape tomatoes.
Also Food Should Taste Good Olive chips and salsa. Don't Forget - fizzy water and lime!
Good Night!

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