Monday, October 19, 2009

Medrool Dates

As usual, I was in a rush this morning, but still had time to make Cream of Wheat. I did not have time to photograph it, so this picture is from Sunday. Sorry. It was really tasty, but didn't hold me over very well.
I started snacking pretty early on a medjool date, a fresh gala apple and babybel cheese.
Around 11:30 I went to the gym and did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 15 on the bicycle. Not bad for a lunch hour.
Lunch was one of the last (large) squares of lasagna, all chopped up. This helps with microwaving, I find.
I was doing fine until a little while after lunch when I wanted something sweet. I remembered that I had a little peanut butter, and a few dates. I've seen this combo on other blogs, but I've never tried it.
Delicious! I had unpitted medjool dates, so I split them open and removed the stone, this left a little pocket to distribute a teaspoon or so of peanut butter.
The O Organics was pretty good peanut butter, although it did need stirring quite often, and there were hard dry spots throughout. I'm willing to call that "user error" and give them a thumbs up. It was tasty and inexpensive.
After this high calorie snack, I proceeded to eat some Puffins, probably out of boredom.
I was so full that I wasn't hungry until I started driving home, and this is probably Pavlovian.
Once home we decided upon omelets for dinner. I made mine with onions, shrooms, unsalted butter, amish swiss, one egg + one egg white, and 1/3 cup of black beans. On the side I had a yellow bell pepper wedge and a few grape tomatoes. I've decided due to this picture that I need a few white plates. (*I do have 2 large white plates, but don't use them often.*)
Oh, I almost forgot since it didn't get plated - a slice of Canadian bacon and mug of coffee. The bacon was one of those things we needed to "get rid of" or it would go bad soon. Good excuse, huh?

Here's the Canadian bacon cooking. Fascinating, I know.

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