Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mushroom Omelet

One of my favorite bloggers, Angela discussed sleep cycles today. This was timely because my cat Hedwig would not stop with the meowing last night. My sleep cycle was definitely interrupted more than once. I finally figured out that her problem was that the dryer was running, so she didn't want to go through her cat door, but she wanted to go outside. Yes, she is spoiled. She is also the loudest cat I've ever met. And her tongue always sticks out in the most unladylike fashion.
On to breakfast!
Another whole wheat waffle from the freezer batch. This time with most of a banana and a few walnuts.
And no, those aren't bite marks on the side. That's just a Lopsided waffle.
I worked overtime today, but that didn't keep me from grazing on some veggies and hummus. Let's not forget the Smokehouse almonds. I need to stop eating these. So. Much. Salt.
I didn't quite finish the vegetables and hummus spread, and back into the fridge they went. My work fridge is pretty packed.
Soon afterward I ate lunch. I had brought a smallish sweet potato (pre-baked), but it was not good. I actually meant to eat it yesterday, instead I ate pizza. So today I had a trifecta of leftovers: Mujadarrah, the last of the cauli' mac 'n' cheese (serious this time) and black beans.
Amish swiss on the side (ate half of this ounce serving)
After a few hours of work, I ate a Clif and some more banana. At times I feel guilty eating bars if I'm not working out, like today. I know that a calorie is a calorie... I got home to an empty house. Since I planned on having dinner later, I had a snack of cashews and chocolate covered raisins.
I trucked over to Highland Coffees to get more of our daily coffee, and myself a nice treat. One unpictured iced soy mocha later, I decided to go to Whole Foods for some retail therapy.
I've been really wanting a veggie sandwich with mushrooms and sprouts like I was eating this summer. Fresh and simple. So I bought a few supplies: Sprouts, yogurt, spinach, mushrooms, and two frozen burritos (in case of emergencies).
The yogurt selection was pitiful. By that I mean, it was all wiped out. There was a sale on Chobani and every single container was gone! Oh well. I need to get on some sort of message board in my area with alerts for these kinda sales.
I also got junk food and top secret work snacks:
I need help! I don't even need snacks, but I couldn't resist buying some things. The Food Should Taste Good was free with a coupon though! Olive is my favorite.
I almost forgot about dinner. I wasn't super hungry, but I wanted to try some mushrooms. So I decided on an omelet. Once I got the onions and mushrooms sizzling I got hungry! The omelet had: onions, mushrooms, spinach, sharp cheddar, one egg + one egg white. I almost always add beans to omelets, but this time I held back.
With this I had a repeat of last night's simple mocktail: club soda and lime.

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